Dr. Jerry A. Smith

Exeter, NH 03833
Thomaston, ME 04861
(M) 484.467.4959
(AOL IM) smithjer0475
(Skype) dr.jerry.a.smith

Welcome to a small one way mirror that looks into my otherwise private life. I have a strong belief system based on God, country, family, friends, and work (in that order). At my best I am a problem solver with a desire to make the complex understandable, while not simplifying it to the point where the knowledge is useless. I hope you find some satisfaction through my reflections, words, and works.

While most the pages you see throughout these links do not change much over time, my blog, photoblog, and documentary film company, Live the Dream Films, are quite another story. I believe it is not only natural to want to express oneself through creation, but also in communication. With so much going on all around us, how could one not have an opinion or two on a variety of subjects?

I designed my blog to fulfill this collaborative need and I hope you take some time to engage this small, but still dynamic, community in a discourse or two. On the other side of my brain, my Photoblog and Live The Dream Films is designed to help me express what that mind's eye see around me through the medium of still imagery and film, respectively.

Last Updated: December 3, 2008 8:37 PM